Nursery on Sunday Morning

During the 9 am Mass on Sundays, a nursery is provided in Sacred Heart Hall for children from 6 months through their 3rd birthday.


Children are cared for by professional nursery worker and parent volunteers. Please alert nursery workers of any allergies when you bring your child.


Please contact:
Magdeline Covington

1.      Can I bring a snack for my child/children?  No.  We ask that you do not send any snacks because of food allergies.  On any given Sunday, we do not know what kinds of allergies may be present.

2.      Why is there a cut off at the 3rd birthday?  There are several reasons for this rule.  First of all, this is an ever-changing group; we have lots of new babies turning 6 months throughout the year.  So, as the older ones age out; naturally, room is made for the addition of the new ones by having a naturally occurring age out age.    If you notice as well, the nursery area is a shared space with the school’s K3 classroom. This limited space is a challenge, we need to have enough room to safely care for the children.  Finally, it’s a matter of staffing, we need to maintain a certain ratio of caregivers to children for the safety of all of the children.  Maintaining the number is very important to keeping the ratios.

3.      Once my child ages out of nursery (turns 3), can I enroll them into the Sunday morning Preschool class for K3 &K4?   Yes, but not until the new class forms in the Fall.   There is a chance you will have a child with a gap between Nursery and Preschool. While this is unfortunate; the K3 and K4 class is different than the nursery.  Nursery is strictly for childcare and runs year round (except the month of July) while the K3 & K4 program is for Catechesis and runs congruently with the academic school year.  Thus, they need to be 3 before the academic year begins to enroll in the Sunday Morning Preschool class.   This rule has been a bit relaxed coming out of COVID because the enrollment in the program was minimal until this year.  This year the number of children in the class doubled throughout the course of the year.  Moving forward, this requirement will be firmed up so we can have a time of learning and formation in the faith for the children that are old enough for the curriculum.  Sunday Morning Preschool is not childcare.

4.      What can I do if my child is in the gap between Nursery and the Sunday Morning Preschool?  You can bring your child to Mass with you and use the Cry Rooms if necessary.  If this is not a good solution for you; some parents have attended separate Masses so one parent can keep the child home while the other attends Mass and vice versa.  Remember, this should only be a temporary situation; so don’t get discouraged.