Intro to Catholicism

Classes begin Wednesday, 6 September 2023

6.30 pm through 7.30 pm

McGrady Hall (the undercroft of the Church)


Interested in becoming a Catholic or just want to learn more about what Catholics believe? Introduction to Catholicism is an introduction to the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church, and anyone who wants to understand the Catholic Faith more deeply is invited to participate. This course meets each Wednesday evening from Labor Day until Easter. Those who have never been baptized, those who were baptized but never confirmed, and those simply seeking to know more are all welcome to attend.

While this course is first and foremost a process for bringing non-Catholic adults into the Church, it is also a great place for practicing Catholics to increase their knowledge of foundational Church teaching – in particular on those topics that often come up in conversations with non-Catholics. One practical thing that any parishioner could do to evangelize would be to invite a non-Catholic friend who might be interested in learning what the Catholic Church really teaches to join you in attending when the class begins in the fall.


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T.J. Nielsen

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